Thematic Areas and Services

SENTINEL-3 Thematic Areas and Services

The core services of the Sentinel-3 mission are:

  • Numerical Ocean Prediction
    Forecasting atmospheric and oceanic conditions. More accurate forecasting helps protect people from the impacts of extreme weather events such as hurricane winds, storm surges and flooding.
  • Maritime Safety and Security
    Monitoring ocean conditions for security and safety such as pollution (as a consequence of shipping accidents), passenger vessel safety and potential terrorist actions.
  • Coastal Zone Monitoring
    Observing the status and characteristics of coastal zone waters to support environmental monitoring of water quality and phenomena such as harmful algal blooms for habitat assessment and management (aquaculture, sea-defences and tourism).
  • Open Ocean and Ice Monitoring
    Monitoring the health and state of the oceans globally, on a daily basis to increase the predictability of characteristics such as sea state, ice formation, ocean circulation and the impact of physical conditions on ocean biogeochemistry.
  • Atmospheric Services
    To provide inputs such as sea surface temperature, surface wind speed or sea state to weather prediction models.
  • Global Land Monitoring Applications
    Providing information about the land surface that allows monitoring of parameters such as regional and continental-scale land cover, vegetation state, vegetation productivity and fire (location, intensity and effect). Inland rivers and lake height levels can be monitored and digital elevation models of the Earth's surface can be derived providing new information for hydrological services.
  • Environmental Policy and Law
    Supporting international negotiations and agreements (The United Nations Kyoto Protocol, the Framework Climate Convention, the European Water, Framework Directive [RD-130], the Biodiversity Convention, the EU Marine Strategy) and providing marine, coastal and land environmental data.
  • Climate Change Monitoring
    Providing the accurate, stable, long term and consistent quality data required to monitor and study the regulating effect that ocean processes exert on climate. Improved analysis of climatological data sets  also supports and enhances operational NRT forecasting applications.
  • Support to European Security, Humanitarian and Emergency Services
    Sentinel-3 data are not optimised for the rapid-task requirements typical of these services (e.g. floods, forest fires, earthquakes, humanitarian aid in emergencies) but they provide a baseline wall-to-wall mapping capability at reduced resolution (0.3 - 1 km) prior to and following emergencies to support security, humanitarian and emergency services.

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