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Learn more about the Sentinel missions here, with comprehensive information about mission objectives, spacecraft design, instrument payloads and data products, as well as the latest mission news.

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There are many applications for the data acquired from the Sentinel missions.
The Thematic Areas expand on six main categories: land management, marine environment, atmosphere, emergency response, security and climate change.

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Discover more about the data that will be acquired by the instruments carried aboard the Sentinel satellites, and what products may be derived from this, as well as the potential applications these products have.

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Coastal studies will benefit from the COASTALT project

Exploitation of radar altimeter data over coastal areas has always been problematic as a consequence of contamination of waveforms due to land or very calm waters in the radar footprint, and inaccurate tidal and wet tropospheric corrections.     Read More

First satellite detection of volcanic OCIO

A large volcanic OClO and BrO plume could be tracked from ENVISAT SCIAMACHY jointly with EOS Aura MLS and OMI observations for 5 days after the June 2011 eruption of Puyehue-Cordón Caulle (PCC).   Read More