Collaborative Ground Segment

The Sentinel collaborative ground segment is intended to allow complementary access to Sentinel data and/or to specific data products or distribution channels. It is composed of elements funded by third parties (i.e. from outside the ESA/EU Copernicus programme) and provides the framework for international cooperation. The collaborative elements are expected to bring specialised solutions to further enhance the Sentinel missions’ exploitation in various areas.

  • Data acquisition and (quasi-) real-time production. This is when local ground stations are configured to receive Sentinel data directly during the satellite overpass (and supported as long as this does not conflict with the systematic operations of the Copernicus ground segment).
  • Complementary products and algorithms definitions. These “collaborative data products” may include specific tailoring for regional coverage or specific applications. These types of products might extend the Sentinel core product chains.
  • Data dissemination and access, supporting redistribution of Sentinel core products by establishing additional pick-up points (e.g. mirror sites).
  • Development of innovative tools and applications.
  • Complementary support to calibration/validation activities.

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