Minimize Level-2 Products Description

The SLSTR Level-2 algorithm provides three different product packages.

  • SL_2_WCT gathers the results from the Sea Surface Temperature (SST) processing (see algorithms), i.e. SST (single and dual view, 2 and 3 channels). This product is an internal product and is not available to users.
  • SL_2_WST gathers the results from L2P processing (see algorithms), i.e. the GHRSST like L2P SST.
  • SL_2_LST gathers the results from Land Surface Temperature (LST) and Fire Radiative Power (FRP) processing (see algorithms), i.e. the LST and the FRP.

Product packages are composed of measurement files and annotation files, written in netCDF format with one manifest file, containing metadata.