Fire Radiative Power (FRP)

Sentinel-3 SLSTR Technical Guide - Fire Radiative Power (FRP)

The SLSTR Fire Radiative Power (FRP) is provided by the SL_2_FRP package in one measurement data file file.
The product is generated "globally", i.e. over land and marine areas.
The is composed by FRP_flags indexed on the 1km image grid and by a vector providing for each confirmed fire its characteristics.

Note that depending on the approach used to detect this fire (using thermal and/or MWIR radiometric measurements), a fire can be associated with FRP_MIR and/or FRP_SWIR.


Descriptive Name Fire Radiative Power
Variable Name FRP
Product Level 2
Description Fire Radiative Power values for each hotspot detected on the 1 km measurement grid.
Product Parameters
Coverage Global (over land and water)
Timeliness and Packaging NRT: 3 min frame
NTC: full orbit (pole to pole)
Units MegaWatts
Format 64 bit float
Appended Data For each gridded pixel:
  • Fire test summary flags.
For each confirmed hotspot:
  • Fire radiative power and its total uncertainty, TCWV above fire, transmittance, Projected area of detector IFOV on surface, glint angle, associated across and along track coordinates, time and geographical coordinates, fire detection confidence, hotspot classification code, background window size.
Additional Information
Input Bands Channels S6, S7 and S8 , i.e. 2.25, 3.7 and 10.85 μm
Ancillary and Auxiliary Data
  • meteorological annotations
  • Cartesian and geodetic coordinates associated with the radiometric measurements and to the tie-points grid defined for SLSTR
  • geometry information
  • quality flags
FRP summary flag word values
Value Text Code Description
0 1 exception L1b pixel radiance exception
1 1 l1b_water L1b water surface classification
2 1 frp_water Water detected by FRP tests
3 1 l1b_cloud Cloud detected by L1b tests
4 1 bayesian_cloud Cloud detected by Bayesian tests
5 1 frp_cloud Cloud detected by FRP tests
6 0 night Pixel is in day or night
1 day
7 1 sun_glint Sun glint
8 1 spectral_filter Potential fire identified by spectral test
9 1 spatial_filter Potential fire identified by spatial test
10 1 absolute_threshold Fire identified by absolute threshold test
11 1 background_characterisation Potential fire successful background characterisation
12 1 contextual_threshold Potential fire confirmed by contextual threshold test
13 1 desert_boundary Potential fire rejected by desert boundary test
14 0 No Fire Normal fire has BT <500K
1 Saturated fire Saturation fire has BT >500K
15 0 Low confidence fire Low confidence (0-50%)
1 High confidence fire High confidence (50-100%)


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