Minimize FRP Processing

Fire Radiative Power (FRP) processing is a six-stage process:

  1. Cloud-free land pixels which pass both spatial and spectral filter tests are considered as potential fire pixels
  2. The scenes surrounding potential fire pixels are characterised
  3. Pixels which pass either absolute or contextual tests are confirmed as fire pixels
  4. Confirmed fire pixels are screened for false alarms (caused by sun glint or desert signals)
  5. Fire radiative power is computed
  6. FRP uncertainty and detection confidence are computed for each fire pixel

Note: The present processing will be slightly modified and completed in the frame of coming evolutions. The purpose of this update is to include an evolution of the current prototype Sentinel 3 SLSTR, planned to be included in operational processor. Specific updates will be:

  • Add the ability to detect hotspots over ocean areas (due to gas fares)
  • Refine the uncertainty specification of the atmospheric correction
  • Remove the impact of the solar reflected component from the 3.7 micron signal priori top the active fire detection stage.

The following figure describes the present successive processing sub-steps. Note that only major sub-steps are fully described.

Logical flow of FRP processing