Sea Surface Temperature (GHRSST)

The Group for High Resolution Sea Surface Temperature (GHRSST) sea surface temperature is provided in the SL_2_WST product, composed of one measurements file and no annotation files.

This file conforms to the GHRSST L2P specification and includes a single SST field derived from the best performing single-coefficient SST field in any given part of the swath, plus a number of supporting data fields which provide a context for the SST fields.


PRODUCT NAME GHRSST Sea Surface Temperature
DESCRIPTION Single SST field produced from the best performing single-coefficient SST field plus a number of supporting data fields.
PACKAGING half-orbit
UNITS dimensionless
FORMAT 2-byte integer
VAPPENDED DATA The latitude and longitude coordinates, SST time deviation from reference time and from analysis field, Single Sensor Error Statistic (SSES) bias and standard deviation estimate, wind speed at 10 m, fractional sea-ice contamination, the aerosol contamination indicator for each pixel, quality flag and a quality indicator for SST. Included if a specific switch (user-dependent) is set to 1: The satellite zenith angle, associated TOA brightness temperature, associated TOA noise equivalent BT, SST total uncertainty.
FREQUENCY 1 product per orbit
INPUT BANDS channels S7, S8 and S9, i.e. 3.7, 10, 85 and 12 ┬Ám


Quality Level Code
Numeric Code Text Code Description
0 No_data No data
1 Cloud Cloud contaminated data
2 Worst_quality Worst quality of useable data
3 Low_quality Low quality of useable data
4 Acceptable_quality Acceptable quality useable data
5 Best_quality Best quality useable data


Quality Level Code
Bit Number Value Text code Description
0 0 infrared Sensor type
1 microwave
1 0 ocean Surface type
1 land
2 1 ice Ice contamination
3 1 lake Inut data over lake surface
4 1 river Inut data over river
5 - - (spare)
6:8 0 no_retrieval SST algorithm
1 N2-retrieval
2 N3R-retrieval
3 N3-retrieval
4 D2-retrieval
5 D3-retrieval
9 1 cosmetic-fill L1b pixel (in one or both views for D2, D3) was cosmetically filled
10 1 day Pixel in daylight
11 1 sun_glint Sun glint likely in pixel
12 1 cloud Cloud detected in pixel
13 1 pointing Level 1b pointing exception
14 1 exception Level 1b data is missing or invalid
15 1 overflow L2P SST is out of range


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