Radiometric Resolution

SENTINEL-3 Synergy Radiometric Resolution

In nominal conditions, the SENTINEL-3 SYN Level-1 product (SY_1_MISR) contains 30 files, including manifest file. Each file is corresponding to an OLCI or SLSTR channel taken into account in the SYN processing.

The SYN Level-2 User products are produced at OLCI full resolution, taken into account only the daylight part of the orbit and pixels over land.

26 radiometric channels are considered : the 16 first one are related to the used OLCI channels (i.e all OLCI channels except Oa13, Oa14, Oa15, Oa19 and Oa20). Then, SLSTR used channels (S1, S2, S3, S5 and S6) are divided into two groups: radiometric measurements associated with nadir view and the ones associated with oblique view.

These channels are listed in the first column of the table below.

Table 1: Input SLSTR and OLCI radiometric channels in the SYN L2 User product
SYN01 400 15 Oa01
SYN02 412.5 10 Oa02
SYN03 442.5 10 Oa03
SYN04 490 10 Oa04
SYN05 510 10 Oa05
SYN06 560 10 Oa06
SYN07 620 10 Oa07
SYN08 665 10 Oa08
SYN09 673.75 7.5 Oa09
SYN10 681.25 7.5 Oa10
SYN11 708.75 10 Oa11
SYN12 753.75 7.5 Oa12
SYN13 778.75 15 Oa16
SYN14 865 20 Oa17
SYN15 885 10 Oa18
SYN16 1020 40 Oa21
SYN17 555 20 S1 (nadir view)
SYN18 659 20 S2 (nadir view)
SYN19 865 20 S3 (nadir view)
SYN20 1610 60 S5 (nadir view)
SYN21 2250 50 S6(nadir view)
SYN22 555 20 S1 (oblique view)
SYN23 659 20 S2 (oblique view)
SYN24 865 20 S3 (oblique view)
SYN25 1610 60 S5 (oblique view)
SYN26 2250 50 S6 (oblique view)


The VGT-P (SY_2_VGP___) and VGT-S products (SY_2_VG1___  and Y_2_V10___ ) include TOA and surface reflectances defined for VGT channels:

Table 2: Definition of VGT channels
VGT channel Central Wavelength (nm) Bandwidth (nm) Combined OLCI/SLSTR bands – based on VGT-1 SRFs
B0 450 20 OLCI bands between 420 and 500 nm
B2 645 35 OLCI and SLSTR bands between 600 and 770 nm 
B3 835 55 OLCI and SLSTR bands between 600 and 770 nm 
MIR 1665 85 SLSTR bands between 1500 and 1750 nm


The SYN AOD product has also its own radiometric resolution based on a combination of OLCI and SLSTR ones. Aerosol characteristics are provided for 6 different channels

Table 3: Input SLSTR and OLCI radiometric channels in the SYN L2 User product
SYN01 440 Oa03
SYN02 550 SLSTR S1
SYN03 670 SLSTR S2
SYN04 865 SLSTR S3
SYN05 1600 SLSTR S5
SYN06 2250 SLSTR S6

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