Product Types Introduction

SENTINEL-3 Synergy Product Type introduction

The SYN branch of SENTINEL-3 processing is a synergy of OLCI OL_1_EFR and SLSTR SL_1_RBT products.  

The SYN product types are divided into six main products:

Product type Description Availability to the User Product Level
SY_1_MISR__ Correspondence and collocation grids between OLCI/SLSTR acquisition and image grid and SYN Level 2 internal grid (i.e. OLCI instrument grid) Not Available Level 1
SY_2_SYN___ Surface Reflectance and Aerosol parameters over Land Available Level 2
SY_2_VGP___ 1 km VEGETATION-Like product (~VGT-P) - TOA Reflectance
SY_2_VGK___ Surface reflectance over Land– used as input for VG-S product
SY_2_VG1___ 1 km VEGETATION-Like product (~VGT-S1) 1 day synthesis surface reflectance and NDVI
SY_2_V10___ 1 km VEGETATION-Like product (~VGT-S10) 10 day synthesis surface reflectance and NDVI
SY_2_AOD___ Global Aerosol parameter over land and sea on super pixel resolution (4.5 km x 4.5 km)



NOTE: Level-1 product is not disseminated to Users.

SY_1_MISR is the output of the SYN Level-1 processing. The Level-1 product provides the correspondence grids between OLCI reference channel in the acquisition geometry and the others OLCI and SLSTR channels in their L1B image grids.


  • SY_2_SYN : surface reflectances for all SYN channels and aerosol parameters over Land
  • SY_2_VGK : surface reflectance associated with VGT channels and NDVI over land

NOTE: The SY_2_VGK product is the input of the VGT-S software, and are NOT disseminated to Users

  • SY_2_VGP : SPOT continuity products providing TOA reflectances
  • SY_2_VG1 SPOT continuity products providing maximum NDVI value composite received during 1 day
  • SY_2_V10 SPOT continuity products providing maximum NDVI value composite received during 10 days
  • SY_2_AOD Global product over land and sea providing Aerosol optical thickness, surface reflectance and several aerosol characteristics on a wider resolution (4.5 km).


Synergy product tree

Figure 1: Synergy Product Tree

The SYNERGY (SY_2_..) products are distributed as STC products (using OLCI and SLSTR L1 PDUs) and as NTC products using consolidated OLCI L1 and SLSTR L1 orbits as inputs.


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