Minimize Product Types Introduction

The SYN product types are divided into six main products:

  • one labelled as Level-1 product (SY_1_MISR) and outputted by the SYN Level-1 processing. The Level-1 product provides the correspondence grids between OLCI reference channel in the acquisition geometry and the others OLCI and SLSTR channels in their L1B image grids. The Level-1 products are not disseminated to the users.
  • Five labelled as Level-2 product and outputted by SYN Level-2 processing:
    • surface reflectances for all SYN channels and aerosol parameters over land (SY_2_SYN)
    • surface reflectance associated with VGT channels and NDVI over land (SY_2_VGK). These products are not disseminated to the users and defined to be the inputs of the VGT-S software.
    • Level-2 SPOT continuity products providing:
    • Products labelled as _BW are the browse products
Synergy product tree

Figure 1: Synergy Product Tree


For further information about the SYN product, see the Technical Guide Level-1 products or Level-2 products.



Note that, in the frame of coming evolutions, a specific Global aerosol product could be added. The content and the definition of this new product are not yet defined.