Data Formats

SENTINEL-3 Synergy Data Formats
Description and Content of the different SYN Product Package, the estimated size corresponds to a full orbit without consideration about compression, NTC is Non-Time Critical
Name of Product Package Main Content Availability Latency Estimated size per orbit (GB) Product Dissemination Unit
SY_1_MISR All OLCI and SLSTR Level-1B ungridded brightness temperatures and radiances INTERNAL NTC 33.91 N/A
SY_2_SYN Land surface reflectance and aerosol geophysical parameters User 35.82 Stripe
SY_2_VGP 1 km VEGETATION-like product - TOA reflectance User 0.39
SY_2_VGK 1 km VGT-like Surface Reflectance and NDVI INTERNAL 7.34
SY_2_AOD Global Aerosol parameter over land and sea (4.5 km x 4.5 km) User 0.15
SY_2_VG1 1 km VEGETATION-like product - 1 day synthesis surface reflectance and NDVI User 11.59 Tiles
SY_2_V10 1 km VEGETATION-like product  -  10 days synthesis surface reflectance and NDVI User

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