Processing Levels Introduction

SENTINEL-3 Synergy Processing Levels introduction

The SYN operational processing chain is divided into three components:

  • SYN Level 1/2 software deals with OLCI and SLSTR Level-1B products and gathers Level-1 processing and Level-2 processing.
    • The Level-1 processing computes OLCI and SLSTR radiometric measurements and associated annotation data in their acquisition geometry. The correspondence grids between OLCI reference pixels and all other OLCI and SLSTR pixels are also computed. Additionally, all parameters are projected on the same OLCI reference acquisition grid.
    • The Level-2 and VGT-P processing deals with this set of parameters (OLCI/SLSTR measurement and annotation data) projected on the same grid, to compute the Level-2 SYN product, Level-2 VGP product and Level-2 VGK products.
  • A dedicated VGT-S software deals with the VGK product to compute daily and decade synthesis of surface reflectance, based on the maximum value of NDVI (to be consistent with the PROBA-V composite approach). It produces VG1 and V10 products
  • Global SYN AOD Level 1/2 software gathers Level-1 processing and Level-2 processing.
    • The Level-1 processing is identical to the classic SYN L1/L2 software and perform the co-registration of all OLCI and SLSTR parameters on the same OLCI reference acquisition grid.
    • The Level-2 AOD processing creates a super-pixel dataset over 15*15 OLCI pixels and then apply a dedicated aerosol retrieval module over land and sea to retrieve Aerosol Optical depth and associated aerosol characteristics. This aerosol module is close to the SYN L2 one (based on a double optimization of the error model) but with a dedicated ocean transfer radiative model and over land, an improved inversion process and associated Look-up-tables adapted to retrieve continuous aerosols components from 35 aerosols mixtures.

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