Sentinel-3 Synergy Units Definition

The table below summarises the geophysical units that are used in the SYN products.

Table 1: Units of SYN products
  Descriptive Name Variable ID Units
GLOBAL S3 L1 TOA Radiance and Brightness Temperature   mW m-2sr-1nm-1M, W m-2sr-1µm-1
DEM-corrected geolocation (longitude, latitude, altitude)   deg, deg, m
Time stamps   µs
Solar and satellite angles   deg
Atmospheric and meteorological data   various
LAND SYN Surface Directional Reflectance SDR_i dimensionless
SYN Aerosol Optical Thickness T550 dimensionless
SYN Aerosol Angstrom Exponent A550 dimensionless
SYN Aerosol Model Index Number AMIN dimensionless
VGP TOA Reflectance B0, B2, B3, MIR dimensionless
VGK Surface Directional Reflectance B0, B2, B3, MIR dimensionless
VGK NDVI NDVI dimensionless
S1 Surface Directional Reflectance B0, B2, B3, MIR dimensionless
S10 Surface Directional Reflectance B0, B2, B3, MIR dimensionless
S1 NDVI NDVI dimensionless
S10 NDVI NDVI dimensionless
Colour-coded NDVI Mosaic NDVICC dimensionless
Colour-coded NDSI Mosaic NDSICC dimensionless

Other general quantities have the units shown in the table below.

Table 2: Units and notations
Quantity Unit Notation Description
Irradiance 10-3 W.m-2.µm-1 IU spectral irradiance unit
Radiance 10-3 W.m-2.sr-1.µm-1 LU spectral radiance unit
Time jd or MJD jd or MJD modified Julian date 2000
10-6s (1.e-6)s microsecond
Distance 10-9m nm nanometre (wavelength)
10-6m µm micrometre (wavelength)
m m metre
103m km kilometre
Percentage % % percentage
Temperature K K degree Kelvin
C C degree Celsius
Angle ° deg degree
rad rad radian
Solid Angle sr sr steradian
Pressure hPa hPa hectoPascal
Ozone kg.m-2M kg.m-2M kilogram per square metre
Dimensionless quantities nc nc numerical counts
dl dl dimensionless
Multiple dimension quantities md md table constituted with different physical parameters having different units

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