Minimize Product Types Introduction

The OLCI product types distributed to Users are divided into three main products.

  • Level-1 Processing:

Level-1B product

The Level-1 product provides radiances for each pixel in the instrument grid, each view and each OLCI channel, plus annotation data associated to OLCI pixels.

In addition to the Level-1B OLCI product, the SENTINEL-3 SYN product is produced by combining products of OLCI and SLSTR instruments. More information on the SYN product can be found on the Sentinel-3 Synergy User Guide pages.

  • Level-2 Processing:

Level-2 Land products

The level-2 land product provides land and atmospheric geophysical parameters computed for full and Reduced Resolution.

OLCI Level2 Products are:

  • OL_2_LFR             Land Full Resolution
  • OL_2_LRR             Land Reduced Resolution

Level-2 water products

The Level-2 water product provides water and atmospheric geophysical parameters computed for Full and Reduced Resolution.

For further information about OLCI products, please see the Technical Guide Level-1 products or Level-2 products pages.