Data Formats

SENTINEL-3 OLCI Data Formats Overview

The OLCI data format follows the format defined for each Sentinel-3 product in the PDGS product specification and is based on SENTINEL-SAFE.

SENTINEL-SAFE is based on the XML Formatted Data Units (XFDU) developed by the Consultative Committee for Space Data Systems (CCSDS). SENTINEL-SAFE is a profile of XFDU, and it restricts the XFDU specifications for specific utilisation in the EO domain, providing semantics in the same domain to improve interoperability between ground segment facilities.

XFDU Package Schema

Figure 2: XFDU package schema


Each product package includes:

  • a manifest file containing a metadata section and a data object section
  • measurement data files
  • annotation data files, if defined
  • for Level-0 only, representation data files (XML files describing the binary information).

Sentinel-3 user products are disseminated in Product Dissemination Units (PDU), in order to ease the online dissemination and data handling for the users. The PDU is a portion of data and is defined per product type.


Table 5: Description and content of the OLCI product package. The estimated size corresponds to a half orbit without consideration about compression, with NRT/NTC less than 3/48 hours after measurement by satellite
Level Name of
Product Package
Main Content Use Latency Estimated
Size per half Orbit
Product Dissemination Unit
0 OL_0_EFR Full Resolution ISPs INTERNAL NRT 9.5GB N/A
OL_0_CR0 Calibration with no spectral relaxation 502Mb
OL_0_CR1 Calibration with spectral relaxation 240Mb
1 OL_1_EFR Full Resolution TOA Reflectance   NRT/NTC 28.5GB Frame 3 mn
OL_1_ERR Reduced Resolution TOA Reflectance 2.3GB Dump (full daylight orbit)
OL_1_RAC Dark offset and gain coefficients from radiometric calibration INTERNAL NRT 1Mb N/A
OL_1_SPC Wavelength characterization from spectral calibration 27Mb
2 OL_2_WFR Full Resolution Water and Atmosphere geophysical products USER NRT/NTC 28.4GB Frame 3 mn
OL_2_LFR Full Resolution Land and atmosphere geophysical products 8.8GB
OL_2_WRR Reduced Resolution Water and Atmosphere geophysical products 2.4GB Dump (full daylight orbit)


  • EFR        Earth Observation Full Resolution
  • ERR        Earth Observation Reduced Resolution
  • RAC        Radiometric Calibration
  • SPC        Spectral Calibration
  • WFR       Water Full Resolution
  • LFR         Land Full Resolution
  • WRR       Water Reduced Resolution
  • LRR        Land Reduced Resolution

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