SAFE Logical Model

SENTINEL-3 Altimetry SAFE Logical Model

Using the Sentinel-SAFE format, information can be categorised in two main categories:

  • data: the information contained in the product which causes the existence of the product itself
  • metadata: stored information which is not data.

Sentinel-SAFE is designed to manage any kind of data and data can be contained in a single file or in multiple files.

The model of a SAFE product is a logical tree of "content units" forming an "information package map".

Figure 1: Logical model - SRAL/MWR Level-2 Product (Credit: CLS)

The root content unit has predefined associations to the information applicable to the overall product, i.e. at least the "acquisition period", the "platform/sensor identification" and the "product history".

The structure of child content units is less constrained and depends mainly on the logical structure of the wrapped data. In most cases, one content unit matches one EO dataset and its accompanying metadata. Several content units may, however, share the same metadata.

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