Minimize Product Types

There are two types of Level-2 products according to the surface covered: water (WAT) and land (LAN) products, respectively generated by the Marine Centre and the Land Centres. The processing baseline is identical at all processing centres. Only the geographical coverage is different.

The Level-2 SRAL/MWR complete product contains three files in netCDF format: one reduced data file, one standard data file and one enhanced data file.

The Sentinel-3 STM Level-1 and Level-2 NRT data products generated at the Core Ground Station (Svalbard) are today 10 minutes length, instead of being dump based, as originally specified. This is part of the new Product Definition. The Level 1 and level-2 STC and NTC data products corresponds half orbit information (pole-to-pole).


There are three types of Level-1 products available to users: Level-1A products, Level-1B-S products and Level-1B products. Level-1A products contain geo-located bursts of echoes  with all calibrations applied. Level-1B-S products contain fully SAR-processed and calibrated High Resolution complex echoes arranged in stacks after slant range correction and prior to echo multi-look. Level-1B products contain geo-located and fully calibrated multi-looked High Resolution power echoes.


SENTINEL-3 is the first Earth Observation Altimetry mission to provide 100% SAR altimetry coverage where LRM is maintained as a back-up operating mode.

For further information about SRAL/MWR Level-2 products see: SENTINEL-3 Technical Guide.