Mission Objectives

SENTINEL-2 Mission Objectives

The objectives for SENTINEL-2 are set out in the Mission Requirements Document and consist in providing:

  • systematic global acquisitions of high-resolution, multispectral images allied to a high revisit frequency
  • continuity of multi-spectral imagery provided by the SPOT series of satellites and the USGS LANDSAT Thematic Mapper instrument
  • observation data for the next generation of operational products, such as land-cover maps, land-change detection maps and geophysical variables.

These high-level objectives, determined after consultation with users, will ensure that SENTINEL-2 makes a significant contribution to Copernicus themes such as climate change, land monitoring, emergency management, and security.

With its 13 spectral bands, 290 km swath width and high revisit frequency, SENTINEL-2's MSI instrument supports a wide range of land studies and programmes, and reduces the time required to build a European cloud-free image archive. It also provides valuable data for land cover/change classification, atmospheric correction and cloud/snow masks.

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