Minimize SENTINEL-1 Production Scenario

The SENTINEL-1 ground segment operations implement a baseline pre-defined mission production scenario, providing maximum systematic availability of SENTINEL-1 products within the technical constraints of the overall system.

This scenario foresees the systematic processing and online dissemination of all SENTINEL-1 data acquired in IW, EW and SM modes into Level-0 and Level-1 GRD products.

This is complemented by the systematic generation over oceans of level 2 Ocean products from the Wave mode, as well as from the IW and EW modes over regional ocean areas.

In addition, this scenario foresees the systematic processing and online dissemination of Level-1 SLC products for SENTINEL-1 data acquired over specific geographical areas.

The geographical areas where Level-1 SLC products are systematically generated have gradually evolved since the opening of the online data access on October 3 2014 and have been gradually increased further in the following months aiming at making SLC products available for all IW data acquired over land and ice masses.

The evolution of the areas where Level-1 SLC products have been systematically generated and made available for online data download since the opening of the data access on 3 October 2014 is summarised in a series of time-tagged maps (download the SLC maps evolution).

Each map is associated to the date from which IW data acquired over the new areas listed in the map have been systematically processed and made available as Level-1 SLC products. Whenever an area is added to the systematic SLC processing scenario, it remains part of this scenario for the future. Therefore the current operational scenario includes all areas added at the different dates according to the evolution described in the maps. Only the systematic SLC production over Greenland has been performed during a limited time window in line with a dedicated ice monitoring campaign.

The map reflecting the current operational scenario (since 28 July 2015) is provided below, highlighting the location of specific SLC production spots.

100% of the IW and SM data acquired over land masses worldwide are systematically produced to level 1 SLC products and made available.

SLC coverage

N.B. The effective coverage of Level-1 SLC products extends around the boundaries of these areas according to the standard slice products coverage.