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Sentinel Hub custom script contest

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ESA and the EU invite entries for a contest to submit scripts for the Sentinel Hub EO Browser. If you are interested in winning a trip to ESRIN or a prize of up to 1,000 EUR, submit your entry for the Sentinel Hub custom script contest by 5 May 2019.


ESA and the EU are looking for new innovative ideas and scripts for the Sentinel Hub EO Browser. The EO Browser offers data from Copernicus Sentinel and ESA missions, with tools to visualise, analyse and process that wealth of data.

The Sentinel Hub Custom Script Contest is a remotely run hackathon engaging data scientists, remote sensing scientists, students (from high school to university), and the general public worldwide to produce and share interesting (and new) algorithms to process Earth Observation data.

The contest ends on 5 May 2019 and is open to global participation.

Submit your scripts.

All you need to enter the contest is an internet connection and a browser capable of running the EO Browser website. Our hope is to receive submissions for new ideas that have never been considered before and will benefit the remote sensing community.

Participants can address one of five different topics:

  • Agriculture and Forestry
  • Marine environment
  • Snow and Glaciers
  • Disaster management and prevention
  • Air quality and Urban planning

Alternatively, if there are ideas for other subjects, they may be submitted in an open category.

Algorithms must be prepared in a way that is executable on the Sentinel Hub EO Browser and distributed under an open license (CC-BY), so that the entire remote sensing community can benefit from them. We will add those scripts to our custom script GitHub repository, so that we may continue to collect and build a unique resource for remote sensing knowledge.

The award ceremony for the contest will take place during the Living Planet Symposium. We will present the best results in each of the categories, the best algorithm using SAR (Synthetic-Aperture Radar) data, and the overall winner of the contest, who will win a trip to the European Space Research Institute (ESRIN) in Rome, home of the ESA Centre for Earth Observation, to discuss their script with experts in the field.

Services such as our EO Browser are made possible through open-data policies that allow everyone to use satellite data. Because of these open-data policies, a growing number of fields are finding applications for satellite data, and need support in developing solutions to challenges in exploiting the data for these applications. Custom scripts are an easy and quick way to add value to the already available data and rapidly test new algorithms.

We look forward to seeing your contributions.

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