Copernicus Sentinel-5 Precursor operations change: improved spatial resolution

14 June 2019

ESA is pleased to announce that a change in the Copernicus Sentinel 5P operations scenario towards an increased spatial resolution, from 7 km to 5.5 km a-long track for all measurements, is under preparation and planned to become operational starting from 6 August 2019.

This scenario has successfully been tested during the Copernicus Sentinel 5P Commissioning Phase and it was recommended during the IOCR (In-Orbit Commissioning Review) to be implemented within the operational phase. It is expected that this improved spatial resolution will enable better exploitation of the measurements for air quality monitoring.

Users should take note that the data volume will increase by about 20%. In order to perform functional tests on tools and applications, sample products are available on the Open Access Hub.

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