Release of Sen2Cor 2.10

17 January 2022

We are pleased to inform the Sentinel-2 users community that a new version of Sen2Cor (Release 2.10) is available under:

This new version supports the forthcoming update of Sentinel-2 products with Processing Baseline 04.00.

Stand-alone installers for the three operating systems Linux, Windows and macOS are now on-line. All three versions require a 64-bit platform.

Regarding the algorithm, the main improvements of the Sen2Cor 2.10 processor compared to previous version 2.9 are:

  • Support of the L1C generated with the future (14.9), current (14.6) and previous (14.5 and 14.2) Products Specification Document as input.

  • Improvement of Scene Classification.

  • Improvement of Atmospheric Correction.

  • Provision of band B01 also at 20m resolution.

  • Addition of L2A Quality Indicators.

  • Usage of the Copernicus DEM@90m horizontal resolution.

  • Addition of a Digital Object Identifier (DOI) in the L2A metadata according to CARD4L SR Specifications.

For any further details, including installation step, and an overview on the evolutionary upgrades applied to Sen2Cor 2.10, please read the release notes which are provided under:

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