New platform for sharing Copernicus Sentinel resources

05 August 2021

Share your resources

A new website launched today within the Sentinel Online family, offering users the opportunity to share resources related to Copernicus Sentinel data and their use.

The Sentinel Users Bulletin Board (also known as Sentiboard) is a digital platform to facilitate the open sharing of information from users of the Sentinel missions.

Information and resources regarding the Sentinels are widespread across many websites, and as the number of satellites in the programme continues to grow, the amount of resources likewise increases.

Sentiboard enables users to promote those resources through a single platform, sharing links to, for example, other websites, online papers, videos, products, or posts.

Anyone may freely submit an announcement on the website, which will be published following a verification by ESA that the announcement is related to the Sentinels. You may register an account to post an announcement, or submit announcements as a guest without registering.

Sentiboard home
Sentiboard homepage

When posting an announcement, the system will automatically retrieve details of the resource from the URL entered in the form. Assuming the metadata contains such information, the system will automatically add the title, short description and an image of the resource to the announcement form. Authors may customise the details entered in the form – or enter all details manually – if they prefer, before submitting it for publication.

Posting an announcement through an account offers authors the option to further customise it, to remove their announcement after it has been posted (if required), and optionally share their contact details if they wish to invite communication or feedback regarding the resource they are sharing.

Guest posts may be submitted easily through the announcement form, but without an account, guest authors cannot further customise the announcement, remove it, or receive notifications regarding whether the announcement is approved for publication. For more information about posting announcements, please consult the Author's Guide.

In addition, if you think a resource you wish to share could form the basis for a full article, please let us know through the Contact form and we will consider it for selection as the next Sentinel Success Story.

Sentiboard is community-driven and we look forward to seeing what resources you share.

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