Minor update to the Sentinel-2 Level-1C product format change (PSD 14.2)

04 November 2016

Referring to the forthcoming Sentinel-2 Level-1C product format evolution, a few minor changes have been implemented in the Product Specifications Document (PSD) version 14.1 and in its accompanying sample product released on 10 October.

Users are consequently invited to refer to the updated version of the PSD (version 14.2), together with its associated XSD schemas and associated sample product that implement the corrections.

The changes in PSD version 14.2 are listed in the corresponding change record table (cf. page 19 of the new document) and are highlighted through change bars in the document.

The new sample product features the following changes with respect to the one published on 10 October:

  • File S2A_MSIL1C_20160914T074612_N0204_R135_T36JTT_20160914T081456.SAFE/
    MTD_MSIL1C.xml: Query_options tag modified according to PSD 14.2 Tab 4-9
  • file S2A_MSIL1C_20160914T074612_N0204_R135_T36JTT_20160914T081456.SAFE/
    rep_info/ S2_User_Product_Level-1C_Metadata.xsd: schema references corrected with "psd-14" instead of "psd-13"
  • file S2A_MSIL1C_20160914T074612_N0204_R135_T36JTT_20160914T081456.SAFE/
    GRANULE/L1C_T36JTT_A006424_20160914T081456/MTD_TL.xml: corrected the MASK_FILENAME and PVI_FILENAME tags in the tile metadata to include the file extension (respectively ".gml" and ".jp2") as part of the filename

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