InSAR analysis of the Zhongba earthquake sequence in the Tibetan Plateau

16 September 2013

In this study the team focuses on the Zhongba earthquake sequence, which occurred between 2004 and 2008 within the South Lunggar Rift in the southwest part of the Tibetan Plateau.

Excellent InSAR images from Envisat allow detailed investigation into the nature of these earthquakes and how one event might trigger another by static stress transfer.

The authors start by presenting Envisat interferograms for the three main earthquakes, and inverting the line-of-sight displacements for distributed fault slip on each of the three main ruptures. They then analyse interferograms for the 2008 event showing localised deformation across the transverse fault and documenting for the first time active displacement across a hanging wall release fault, during the Mw 6.0 aftershock of the 2008 Zhongba earthquake.

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