Sentiboard to be showcased at Living Planet Symposium

09 May 2022

To discover a new digital platform that enables users of Copernicus data to share their achievements with the global Earth observation community, join the Sentinel Online editorial team for a live demonstration of Sentiboard at the Living Planet Symposium.

From 23 to 27 May, remote sensing experts from around the world are set to converge on the German city of Bonn to highlight the fundamental role that Earth observation activities – including the Copernicus Sentinels – have in fostering improved understanding of planet’s systems. The symposium will emphasize how space is helping society to combat the climate crisis, enabling numerous operational applications, and powering the transition to more sustainable economy.

As part of the event, Sentinel Online will run two drop-in sessions to introduce Sentiboard, which is an online space that caters to the growing pool of scientists that use Copernicus Sentinel data. Sentiboard fosters collaboration across this community by enabling data users to share their latest contributions to remote sensing – from ground-breaking science, to operational applications and much more.

The Sentiboard Home page

By attending the demonstrations, new users can ask questions about the platform, discover its many benefits, and learn how to use it effectively.

The drop-in sessions will take place at the Data Discovery and Access booth, with the first being run at 15:10-15:40 CEST on Monday 23 May and the second happening at 10:10-10:40 CEST on Wednesday 25 May. During the sessions the Sentinel Online team will explain how new users can quickly connect with the Sentiboard community, by signing up to the forum and posting messages to highlight their latest contributions to the field of Earth observation. This information is also available on the Sentiboard author’s guide, which sets out in detail how to share content.

Sentiboard can be accessed here:

Join us at ESA’s Living Planet Symposium in Bonn

Being held on 23–27 May 2022 in Bonn, Germany, ESA’s prestigious Living Planet Symposium offers attendees the unique opportunity to hear first-hand about the most recent developments in the field of Earth observation. Attendees will be able to hear about the latest scientific findings on our planet and how observing Earth from space supports environmental research and action to combat the climate crisis, learn about novel space technologies and about the new opportunities emerging in the rapidly changing sector of Earth observation. This exciting event not only attracts scientists and academics, but also those working in the space industry, institutional stakeholders, data users, students and citizens – an amazing opportunity to all meet in-person after the Covid pandemic.

More information and registration details can be found at the Living Planet Symposium website.

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