Copernicus Sentinel-3A SRAL reprocessing campaign

12 November 2018

From 13 November 2018, Copernicus Sentinel-3A SRAL Level-1 and Level-2 reprocessed data will start to be available through the Open Data Hub and Copernicus Services Data Hub. The reference time periods for the two user products are:

  • SR_1_SRA: 01 March 2016 09:20:17 UTC – 01 February 2018 00:14:58 UTC
  • SR_2_LAN: 01 March 2016 13:42:43 UTC – 10 April 2018 00:01:56 UTC

SR_1_SRA and SR_2_LAN user products will be released incrementally (oldest data first) starting from 13 November. The release will be done gradually, with the complete data set expected to be available in a month. After the data set is complete and the old overlapping data has been removed from the Data Hubs, we will announce this.

The processing baseline for these data is v2.33.

Read more about the status and quality of the products in the Level-1 and Level-2 product notices.

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