Sentinel-3A SLSTR back to nominal operations

21 March 2017

Further to the news from 16 March, please be informed that since 17 March 2017, 22:26 UTC, the Sentinel-3A SLSTR instrument has been fully recovered.

The following data have been impacted by the anomaly:

  • From 16 March, 00:02 UTC to 16 March, 09:30 UTC (absolute orbits from 5607 to 5613): SL_1_RBT products generated but with IR data (namely from fourth to ninth band) were degraded/unavailable.
  • From 16 March, 09:30 UTC to 16 March, 16:07 (absolute orbits from 5613 to 5617): No SL_1_RBT products were generated.
  • From 16 March, 16:07 UTC to 17 March, 22:26 UTC (absolute orbits from 5617 to 5635): SL_1_RBT products were generated but only visible bands were available, i.e. the first three bands.

We apologise for the inconvenience this may have caused.

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