Copernicus Sentinel-5P data unavailability–2022-11-15/20

22 November 2022

Due to an anomaly occurring in the Copernicus S5P ground segment some issues have affected the NRTI and OFFL processing.

Concerning the NRTI production on 2022-11-17/18  there was an unavailability affecting the data since orbit 26397. The issue has been fixed starting with orbit 26420 and the processing is back to nominal status in term of completeness and data quality. 

Concerning the L2 OFFL production since orbit 26381 of 2022-11-15, several gaps are present in the following product types:  AER_LH, CLOUD, HCHO, O3, O3_PR, NO2, SO2 and CH4. The issue has been understood and the OFFL production will be recovered as soon as possible.

Our apologies for the inconvenience. Further news will be published as appropriate.


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