Copernicus Sentinel-1 product format upgrade on 3 November

29 October 2021

Following the announcement of 3 September regarding the forthcoming deployment of the Copernicus Sentinel-1 Level-1/2 processor version 3.4, featuring an evolution of the Sentinel-1 Level-1 and Level-2 product format to version 3.9, we are pleased to announce a final rescheduling of the deployment on 3 November.

Regarding the new processor version:

  • The Level-1 and Level-2 product format specifications version 3.9 are available in the Document Library together with a set of corresponding sample Level-1 and Level-2 products
  • Products generated after the deployment will tag version 3.4 of the operational processor and release 3.9 of the product format in their corresponding metadata, unambiguously indicating their consistency with the updated version 3.9 of the product format
  • The deployment corresponds to the first stage in a two step chain of evolutions regarding the management of Radio Frequency Interferences (RFI). As such, it features the sole preliminary RFI detection for all EW and IW observations as part of the Level-1 processing. In a future second stage, RFIs correction on the measurement data set may be activated for IW and EW Datatakes in case RFIs are detected. Users will be notified accordingly before the RFI correction is activated.

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