Apply for 'Sentinel-1 Student Transponders' project

06 September 2013

If you are a university student from Poland, Czech Republic or Romania and you would like to be on the space scene when the first Copernicus Sentinel-1 satellite starts monitoring the Earth next year, apply for the new ESA 'Sentinel-1 Student Transponders' project.

The project consists of redesigning Earth-based ESA satellite transponders to communicate with the Sentinel-1 satellite once it has started its mission in space.

With this new educational project, students from the newest ESA Member States will have the opportunity to gain experience with real space equipment and data, closely supervised by space professionals, in the context of two of the most ambitious Earth observation programmes to date, Copernicus and the now concluded Envisat mission.

Proposals should be submitted by 15 November 2013.

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