Copernicus Sentinel-5p Ozone profile NRTI products update

15 March 2023

With the Copernicus Sentinel-5P ground segment maintenance activity planned on the 15th of March, a new updated processor (version V02.05.00) will be released for several products:

  • Ozone Profile (L2O3PR): updated to significantly reduce the processing time by implementing the “checkerboard pattern” (i.e., processing of half of the ground pixels) in the Near Real Time processing chain.
  • Minor metadata updates for Ozone Profile (L2O3PR), Carbon Monoxide (L2CO__), Absorbing Aerosol Index (L2AER_AI), Aerosol Layer Height (L2AER_LH), and Nitrogen Dioxide (L2NO2_).

Full detailed information will be provided within the Product Readme Files after the operational switch.

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