Minimize Mission Status

Sentinel-5 Precursor Commissioning and Ramp-up Phase milestones:

Date Events, Milestones and Activities
13 October 2017 Launch of Sentinel-5P from Plesetsk in Russia

15 October 2017 Launch and Early Orbit Phase (LEOP) finalised in record time!

The Sentinel-5P LEOP Team at ESOC:
16 October 2017 Start of Commissioning Phase. The radiator cooler door is closed and no light enters TROPOMI. Start of decontamination phase.
18 October 2017 Switch on of the payload Instrument Control Unit
20 October 2017 Science test data were down-linked over Svalbard and successfully acquired by the Payload Data Ground Segment (PDGS).

Instrument testing results showing all green!
07 November 2017 The TROPOMI radiator cooler door was successfully opened and light enters from now on the TROPOMI Instrument. End of decontamination phase and start of TROPOMI cool down.

Sentinel-5P reaches its loose formation flying position with the S-NPP (Suomi - National Polar Partnership) satellite (flying about 5 minutes behind).
08 November 2017 TROPOMI SWIR detectors reach operational temperature (140 K).
13 November 2017 TROPOMI UVN detectors reach operational temperature (208 K).
15 November 2017 First solar irradiance measurements performed.