Minimize Radiometric Resolution

The nine bands in VNIR/SWIR/TIR

The radiometric bands of SLSTR are presented in the table below:

Band λ centre (μm) Width (μm) Function Comments Res. (m)
S1 0.555 0.02 Cloud screening, vegetation monitoring, aerosol Visible Near IR Solar reflectance bands 500
S2 0.659 0.02 NDVI, vegetation monitoring, aerosol
S3 0.865 0.02 NDVI, cloud flagging, Pixel co-registration
S4 1.375 0.015 Cirrus detection over land Short-Wave IR
S5 1.61 0.06 Cloud clearing, ice, snow, vegetation monitoring
S6 2.25 0.05 Vegetation state and cloud clearing
S7 3.74 0.38 SST, LST, Active fire Thermal infra-red Ambient bands (200 K - 320 K) 1000
S8 10.85 0.9 SST, LST, Active fire
S9 12 1 SST, LST
F1 3.74 0.38 Active fire Thermal infra-red fire emission bands
F2 10.85 0.9 Active fire

Table 1: The radiometric bands of SLSTR, F1 and F2 fire bands are based on the same detectors as S7 and S8 but with an increased dynamic range to prevent saturation over fires.