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Sentinel-3 Product Data Format Specification - SLSTR Level 1 and 2 Instrument Products

This document aims to identify and specify the format of the Sentinel-3 SLSTR products from Level 1 up to Level 2, browse products included.

The Metadata Specification, as referenced in the product specification is available for download.

Sentinel-3A Product Notice - SLSTR Level-1B NRT and NTC

This is a Product Notice for the public release of Sentinel-3 Sea and Land Surface Temperature Radiometer (SLSTR) Level-1B products at Non Time Critical (NTC) timeliness.

The notice describes the SLSTR current processing baseline, product quality and limitations, and product availability status. The status and limitations also apply to the SLSTR Level-1B products at Near Real Time (NRT) timeliness.

GSC Sentinel-3 PDGS Products Definition

This document is intended to provide the description of the Sentinel-3 products that will be generated within the Sentinel-3 Payload Data Ground Segment by the Sentinel-3 Instrument Processing Facilities (IPFs).

Sentinel-3 Optical User Test Data Set description

This Technical Note is aimed at describing the Sentinel-3 Optical Test Data Sets (TDS) provided to the user community and the limitations of the TDS'. No detail on the tools used for the generation of the TDS will be provided, but only a high level description.

Sentinel-3 User Handbook

The Sentinel-3 Mission Guide provides a high-level description of the mission objectives, satellite description and ground segment. It also covers an introduction to heritage missions, thematic areas and services, orbit characteristics and coverage, instrument payloads and data products.

Sentinel-3 Product Data Format Specification - Product Structures

This document aims to identify and specify the common definitions, structures and conventions of the Sentinel-3 products from Level 0 up to Level 2.

Sentinel-3 PDGS File Naming Convention

This Technical Note provides the File Naming Convention adopted by the Sentinel-3 PDGS for the following data classes:

  • Instrument data products, including
    • Level-0 products
    • Higher level data products
  • Auxiliary data

Sentinels POD Service File Format Specifications

The purpose of this document is to define the product structure and the content of each file generated and delivered by the POD Service Centre and the Sentinel-3 NRT POD Instrument Processing Facility (IPF) across its interfaces to the Sentinels (1, 2 and 3) Payload Data Ground Segments (PDGSs).

Sentinel-3 SLSTR Level-1 Observables ATBD

This Algorithm Theoretical Basis document (ATBD) describes the algorithms used to produce the SLSTR Level-1 Radiometric Product and accompanying geo-location and environment data.

Sentinel-3 SLSTR Land Surface Temperature ATBD

This document presents the Algorithm Theoretical Basis Document (ATBD) for the retrieval of Land Surface Temperature (LST) from thermal radiances measured by the Sea and Land Surface Temperature Radiometer (SLSTR).

Sentinel-3 SLSTR - Active Fire: Fire Detection and Fire Radiative Power ATBD

This document describes the theory for the prototype multi-channel active fire detection and fire characterisation algorithm for use with data from the SLSTR sensor onboard the ESA Sentinel-3 satellite.