Minimize Product Types introduction

The SLSTR product types are divided in four main products which are disseminated to users except the Level-2 WCT product.

  • One labelled as Level-1B product and output by SLSTR Level-1 processing. The Level-1 product provides radiances and brightness temperatures for each pixel in a regular image grid, each view and each SLSTR channel, plus annotations data associated with SLSTR pixels.
  • Four labelled as Level-2 products and output by SLSTR Level-2 processing:
    • Level-2 WCT product (not disseminated to users) providing the sea surface temperature for single and dual view, for two or three channels
    • Level-2 WST product providing L2P sea surface temperature, following the GHRSST specifications
    • Level-2 LST products providing land surface temperature.

For further information about SLSTR products, see the Technical Guide Level-1 products or Level-2 products.