Minimize Product Types introduction

The SLSTR product types are divided in six main products that are disseminated to the users, except the Level-2 WCT product.

  • One labelled as Level-1B product and output by SLSTR Level-1 processing. The Level-1 product provides radiances and brightness temperatures for each pixel in a regular image grid, each view and each SLSTR channel, plus annotations data associated with SLSTR pixels.
  • Five labelled as Level-2 products and output by SLSTR Level-2 processing:
    • Level-2 WCT product (not disseminated to users) providing the sea surface temperature for single and dual view, for two or three channels,
    • Level-2 WST product (disseminated to the users) providing L2P sea surface temperature, following the GHRSST specifications,
    • Level-2 LST products (disseminated to the users) providing land surface temperature,
    • Level-2 FRP products providing global (over land and water) fire radiative power (available to the user during the course of 2018),
    • Level-2 AOD products providing global (over land and water) aerosol optical depth (available to the user during the course of 2018),

For further information about SLSTR products, see the Technical Guide Level-1 products or Level-2 products.