Naming Convention

SENTINEL-3 SLSTR Naming Conventions

The file naming convention of SLSTR products (see Sentinel-3 PDGS File Naming Convention for more details) is identified by the sequence of fields described below:



  • MMM is the mission ID:
    • S3A = SENTINEL-3A
    • S3B = SENTINEL-3B
    • S3_ = for both SENTINEL-3A and 3B
  • SL is the data source/consumer (SL = SLSTR)
  • L is the processing level
    • "0" for Level-0
    • "1" for Level-1
    • "2" for Level-2
    • underscore "_" if processing level is not applicable
  • TTTTTT is the data Type ID
    • Level 0 SLSTR data:
      • "SLT___" = ISPs.
    • Level-1 SLSTR data:
      • "RBT___" = TOA Radiances and Brightness Temperature
      • "RBT_BW" = browse product derived from "RBT___".
    • Level-2 SLSTR data:
      • "WCT___" = 2 and 3 channels SST for nadir and along track view
      • "WST___" = L2P sea surface temperature
      • "LST___" = land surface temp
      • "FRP___" = Fire Radiative Power
      • "WST_BW" = browse product derived from "WST___"
      • "LST_BW" = browse product derived from "LST___".
  • yyyymmddThhmmss is the sensing start time
  • YYYYMMDDTHHMMSS is the sensing stop time
  • YYYYMMDDTHHMMSS is the product creation date
  • [instance ID] consists of 17 characters, either uppercase letters or digits or underscores "_".

The instance id fields include the following cases, applicable as indicated:

1. Instance ID for the instrument data products disseminated in "stripes":

Duration,"_", cycle number, "_", relative orbit number,"_", 4 underscores "_", i.e.
2. Instance ID for the instrument data products  
disseminated in "frames":
Duration, "_", cycle number, "_", relative orbit number, "_", frame along track coordinate, i.e.
3. Instance ID for the instrument data products disseminated in "tiles".
Two sub-cases are applicable:
a) tile covering the whole globe:
b) tile cut according to specific
geographical criteria:
Tile Identifier
4. Instance ID for auxiliary data:
            17 underscores "_"

  • GGG identifies the centre which generated the file
  • [class ID] identifies the class ID for instrument data products with conventional sequence P_XX_NNN where:
    • P indicates the platform (O for operational, F for reference, D for development, R for reprocessing)
    • XX indicates the timeliness of the processing workflow (NR for NRT, ST for STC, NT for NTC)
    • NNN indicates the baseline collection or data usage.
  • .SEN3 is the filename extension

Example of filename:



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