SENTINEL-3 SLSTR Units Definition

The table below summarises units and notations depending on the quantities used by the SLSTR products:

Table 1: SLSTR Units and notations
Quantity Unit Notation Description
Irradiance 10-3 W.m-2.μm-1 IU spectral irradiance unit
Radiance 10-3 W.m-2.sr-1.μm-1 LU spectral radiance unit
Time jd or MJD jd or MJD modified Julian date 2000
10-6s (1.e-6)s microsecond
Distance 10-9m Nm nanometre (wavelength)
10-6m μm micrometre (wavelength)
m m metre
103m km kilometre
Percentage % % percentage
Temperature K K degree Kelvin
C C degree Celsius
Angle ° deg degree
rad rad radian
Solid Angle sr sr steradian
Pressure hPa hPa hectoPascal
Ozone kg.m-2 kg.m-2 kilogram per square metre
Dimensionless quantities nc nc numerical counts
dl dl dimensionless
Multiple dimension quantities md md table constituted with different
physical parameters having
different units

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