SENTINEL-3 SLSTR Level-2 Data Format

The SLSTR Level-2 products are generated in five different packets, gathered in two branches:

  • The Marine Branch is operated by EUMETSAT and provides 4 SLSTR product type:
    • SL_2_WCT, including the Sea Surface Temperature for single and dual view, for 2 or 3 channels (internal product only),
    • SL_2_WST, including the Level-2P Sea surface temperature (provided to the users),
    • SL_2_FRP, processed in Near-Real time, including the Fire Radiative Power parameters (provided to the users),
    • SL_2_AOD, including the Aerosol Optical Depth parameters (provided to the users).
  • The Land Branch is operated by ESA and provides 2 SLSTR product types:
    • SL_2_LST, including the Land Surface Temperature parameters (provided to the users),
    • SL_2_FRP, processed in Non-time critical from consolidated inputs and including the Fire Radiative Power parameters (provided to the users),

Detailed Description of Marine branch products can be found on https://www.eumetsat.int/sea-surface-temperature-services, https://www.eumetsat.int/S3-NRT-FRP and https://www.eumetsat.int/S3-AOD

As for the SLSTR Level-1 product, the Level-2 Land products are organized in packages composed of one manifest file and several measurement and annotation data files.

The manifest file is in XML format and gathers general information concerning product and processing.

The measurement and annotation data files are in netCDF 4 format, and include dimensions, variables and associated attributes. Regarding the measurement files:

  • one measurement file, providing the land surface temperature, associated uncertainties and other supporting fields, is included in the SL_2_LST packet,
  • Inside SL_2_FRP packet, we can find 2 to 3 measurement files, providing both the fire radiative power computed using thermal measurements and projected on the 1 km grid (inside FRP_in.nc file) and the FRP computed using SWIR measurements and projected on the 500m grid (inside FRP_an.nc and/or FRP_bn.nc, depending on the selected stripes).The associated uncertainty and other supporting parameters are also included in these files.

The annotation data files are either computed during SLSTR L2 processing or directly duplicated from the annotation files included in the SL_1_RBT package and their format is identical to the files in the Level-1 packet:

  • The SL_2_LST packet contains all SLSTR L1 annotation file corresponding to the 1 km nadir view grid and to the tie point grid. An additional L2 annotation file is also providing and contextual information (TCWV, biome, fraction, NDVI, ….).
  • The SL_2_FRP packet contains all SLSTR L1 annotation file corresponding to the 1 km and to the dedicated-F1 nadir view grid. The tie point annotation files are also included in this product.


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