Minimize Level-2

The SLSTR Level-2 product is composed of three different packets, depending on processing parameters. A switch, defined for each Level-2 processing step, indicates if the associated product has to be generated.

  • SL_2_WCT, the sea surface temperature for single and dual view, for 2 or 3 channels (internal product only)
  • SL_2_WST, provided to the user, the Level-2P sea surface temperature
  • SL_2_LST, provided to the user, the land surface temperature parameters.

As for the SLSTR Level-1 product, these three packages are composed of one information package map, also called the manifest, and several measurement and annotation data files (between 2 and 21 files depending on the package).

The manifest file is in XML format and gathers general information concerning product and processing.

The measurement and annotation data files are in netCDF 4 format, and include dimensions, variables and associated attributes. The included parameters are provided only on the 1 km grid, indexed by their along and across track indices.

For measurement files:

  • five sea surface temperature datasets, with their associated uncertainties and exception flags, are included in the SL_2_WCT packet
  • only one measurement file, giving the latitude, longitude, time and sea surface temperature value is included in the SL_2_WST packet
  • SL_2_LST includes two measurement files providing the land surface temperature, its uncertainty and some vegetation parameters.

Annotation files are generated from the annotation files included in the SL_1RBT package and their format is identical to the files in the Level-1 packet.

  • The SL_2_WST packet contains no annotation files.
  • The SL_2_WCT packet contains 15 annotation files providing flags, corresponding indices on the instrument grid and geodetic and cartesian coordinates.
  • The annotation files associated with SL_2_LST provide the same parameters as in SL_2_WCT but are limited to 10 files.

Note that SL_2_WCT is an internal packet and is only used internally for normal processing reasons. It is not made available to users.