Level-2 LST

Sentinel-3 SLSTR Level 2 LST

The SLSTR Level-2 LST product provides land surface parameters generated on the wide 1 km measurement grid. It contains:

  • measurement file with Land Surface Temperature (LST) values computed and provided for each re-gridded or orphan pixel
  • associated ancillary parameters

The Measurement Dataset (MD) is indexed by across track and along track dimensions and include:

  • In 1 km LST MD
    • for each gridded pixel:
      • The LST values and their estimated total uncertainties
      • The exception flags associated to LST
    • the same parameters are provided for each orphan pixel.

One Annotation DataSet (ADS) is specifically associated with LST MD and provides, for each gridded pixel and orphan pixel:

  • Normalised Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI)
  • GlobCover surface classification code (noted biome)
  • fractional vegetation cover
  • total column water vapour

This product also gathers nine annotations files derived from Level-1 product. Except for the quality ADS, each ADS included in the Level-1B product, associated with the 1 km grid and the nadir view or associated to the tie-point grid are copied in this product as ADS.

  • Cartesian_in
  • Cartesian_tx
  • Flags_in
  • Geodetic_in
  • Geodetic_tx
  • Geometery_tn
  • Indices_in
  • Met_tx
  • Time_im

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