Level-1 Wave SLC Products


WV acquisitions consist of several vignettes, with each vignette processed as a separate image. Thus, each WV product contains multiple images, all corresponding to the single-polarisation in which the data has been acquired (VV or HH). As the SM SLC product, the WV SLC product is sampled at the natural pixel spacing.

The following properties are particular to each beam of the WV mode.
Beam ID WV1 WV2
Spatial Resolution rg x az m 2.0x4.8 3.1x4.8
Pixel spacing rg x az m 1.8x4.1 2.7x4.1
Incidence angle ° 23.4 36.4
Range look bandwidth MHz 74.5 48.2
Azimuth look bandwidth Hz 1428 1429
Range Hamming weighting coefficient 0.75 0.75
Azimuth Hamming weighting coefficient 0.75 0.75


The following properties are common for all beams of the WV mode.
Product ID WV_SLC
Pixel value Complex
Coordinate system Slant range
Bits per pixel 16 I and 16 Q
Polarisation options Single (HH or VV)
Ground range coverage km 20
Equivalent Number of Looks (ENL) 1
Radiometric resolution 3
Absolute location accuracy m (NRT) Not specified
Number of looks (range x azimuth) 1 x 1

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