Minimize Level-1 SLC Products

Level-1 Single Look Complex (SLC) products consist of focused SAR data, geo-referenced using orbit and attitude data from the satellite, and provided in slant-range geometry. Slant range is the natural radar range observation coordinate, defined as the line-of-sight from the radar to each reflecting object. The products are in zero-Doppler orientation where each row of pixels represents points along a line perpendicular to the sub-satellite track.


The products include a single look in each dimension using the full available signal bandwidth and complex samples (real and imaginary) preserving the phase information. The products have been geo-referenced using the orbit and attitude data from the satellite and have been corrected for azimuth bi-static delay, elevation antenna pattern and range spreading loss.


SLC images are distributed as a GeoTIFF file per polarisation with pixel interleaved I and Q. Each I and Q value is 16 bits per pixel.

All Level-1 products have the following product performance parameters:


Range PSLR (dB) < -21.2
Azimuth PSLR (dB) < -21.2
Range ISLR (dB) < -16.7
Azimuth ISLR (dB) < -16.7
Distributed target ambiguity ratios (dB) < -27.2
Point target ambiguity ratios (dB) < -34.2
NESZ (dB) < -26.3
Channel co-registration accuracy (pixels) < 0.25
Absolute radiometric accuracy (dB) (3 sigma) 1
Relative radiometric accuracy (dB) (3 sigma) 0.1


SLC products are generated for all acquisition modes.