Minimize Level-2 Algorithms and Products

Level-2 consists of geo-located geophysical products derived from Level-1. Level-2 Ocean (OCN) products for wind, wave and currents applications may contain the following geophysical components derived from the SAR data:

  • Ocean Wind field (OWI)
  • Ocean Swell spectra (OSW)
  • Surface Radial Velocity (RVL).


The availability of components depends on the acquisition mode. The OSW component cannot be generated from IW and EW mode, since individual looks with sufficient time separation are required. The obtained inter look time separation within one burst is too short due to the progressive scanning (i.e. short dwell time).

The metadata referring to OWI are derived from an internally processed GRD product. The metadata referring to RVL (and OSW, for SM and WV mode) are derived from an internally processed SLC product.


The following table shows the components available from each SENTINEL-1 acquisition mode.

Level-2 Product Components


Level 2 Algorithm Overview

Level 2 Products

Level 2 Product Formatting