Minimize Calibration and Validation

The core product commissioning starts right after the launch and encompasses the verification, calibration and geophysical validation of the core S-1 products:

1. IPF and product verification encompasses:

  • Verification of the L1 and L2 product format and main annotations
  • Verification of the main processing algorithm:
    • Processing algorithm (Doppler estimation, Focusing, ground range projection, debursting, swath stitching)
    • Radiometric correction (EAP, TOPS scalloping, RSL, denoising, …)
  • IPF normalization:
    • Verification of the image dynamic and IPF gain setting
    • Sub-swath radiometric merging
    • Product performance assessment
      • Point target IRF (resolution, ISLR, PSLR, SSLR. PTAR, ENL, DTAR, NESZ…)
      • Geometric assessment

2. L1 product calibration encompasses:

  • absolute and relative radiometric calibration
  • polarimetric calibration
  • Geometric calibration

3. L2 geophysical validation encompasses:

  • Verification of the geophysical variables against independent external measures like modal data, buoys or other EO data source