Sentinel-2 MSI User Guide - Resolutions

The resolutions of the SENTINEL-2 Mission and its payload MSI instrument are:

  1. The temporal resolution of a satellite in orbit is the revisit frequency of the satellite to a particular location. The revisit frequency of each single SENTINEL-2 satellite is 10 days and the combined constellation revisit is 5 days.
  2. The spatial resolution of an instrument is the at-ground representation of an individual detector in a satellite sensor array. Details on the spatial resolution of the MSI instrumentresolution are provided in the Spatial Resolution section.
  3. The spectral resolution is defined as a measure of the ability of the instrument to distinguish features in the electromagnetic spectrum.
  4. The radiometric resolution of an instrument is a determination of the incremental level of intensity or reflectance that can be represented or distinguished by the system. The higher the radiometric resolution, the more capable the device will be of detecting differences in intensity or reflectance. Details on the radiometric resolution of the MSI instrument are provided in the Radiometric Resolutions section.

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