Processing Levels

Sentinel-2 MSI User Guide - Processing Levels

Since April 25th, 2022, all data acquired by the MSI instrument are systematically processed up to Level-2A by the new Production Services within the ESA Copernicus Ground Segment.

Only the Level-1C and Level-2A products are released to Users. 


Figure 1: Processing levels from Level-0 to Level-2A (Level-0, Level-1A and Level-1B products are internal products not available to Users)

The quality of generated products is assessed by the On Line Quality Control (OLQC) functionality. The OLQC performs essential quality checks on each product generated by the processing chain. The results of the quality checks are presented as XML reports and GML quality masks for data processed prior to Processing Baseline 04.00 (since January 24th 2022), and in JP2 format for data processed after that date.

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