Emergency Management

Sentinel-2 MSI User Guide - Emergency Management

The Copernicus emergency service is targeted to provide information that facilitates the mitigation of and response to many types of disasters or crises including:

  • natural disasters (floods, fires, landslides, storms, earthquakes, etc.)
  • technological accidents
  • humanitarian crises (for instance after a period of severe drought), famine etc.)
  • civil crises.

SENTINEL-2 observations support rapid mapping in response to these events. Rapid mapping is dedicated to the response management of civil protection and rescue services and provides information on the level of damage (such as destroyed buildings in an earthquake zone) and the extent and impact of natural disasters (such as delineation of a flooded area). In addition to SENTINEL-2 data, rapid mapping products utilise any available and exploitable Earth Observation (EO) crisis image (high and very high resolution, optical/radar).

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