Level-1 Products

The main parameters available in the Level-1 products are tracker range, sigma0 scaling factor and waveforms.

An SRAL Level-1 product consists of two data files:

  • One measurement data file containing the Level-1 scientific products (available to users).

  • One calibration data file containing Level-1calibration parameters for the calibration nominal scenario (not available to users).

Level-1 scientific products available to users are:

  • ECHO_SAR_Ku: Tracking measurements in SAR mode - Ku band (20-Hz)

  • ECHO_LRM: L1b Tracking measurements in LRM mode (20 Hz – Ku and C bands)

  • ECHO_PLRM: L1b Tracking measurements in pseudo-LRM mode - (20 Hz – Ku and C bands)

These products use Auxiliary Data files (USO file, CAL1 file, CAL2 file, orbit file, …) to compute some of the Level-1 corrections.

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