Level-1A ECHO_SAR_Ku

Sentinel-3 Altimetry Technical Guide - ECHO_SAR_Ku

The Level-1A ECHO_SAR_Ku product contains all L1A tracking measurements in SAR mode, at 20 Hz rate and for Ku band.

The main parameters of Level-1A ECHO_SAR_Ku product are:


Table 1: Level-1A ECHO_SAR_Ku product main parameters
Parameter name Description Units
time_l1a_echo_sar_ku UTC time seconds elapsed since January 1st 2000 00:00:00 seconds
Satellite orientation 1.00e-04 degrees
lat_l1a_echo_sar_ku Latitude 1.00e-06 degrees North
lon_l1a_echo_sar_ku Longitude 1.00e-06 degrees East
surf_type_l1a_echo_sar_ku Altimeter surface type 0b: open_ocean_or_semi-enclosed_seas
1b: enclosed_seas_or_lakes
2b: continental_ice
3b: land
range_ku_l1a_echo_sar_ku Tracker range (Ku band) corrected for USO frequency drift, internal path delay and Doppler corrections. 1.00e-04 meters (unit)
700,000 meters (offset to be added)
sig0_cal_ku_l1a_echo_sar_ku Scaling factor (Ku band) for sigma0 evaluation corrected for AGC instrumental errors and internal calibration 1.00e-02 dB
I and Q echo waveforms (Ku band) count (unit)


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