Products and algorithms

Sentinel-3 Altimetry - Products and Algorithms

There are different data products associated with the three levels of processing of altimeter data.

The Level-1 scientific products (SR_1_SRA) and Level-2 scientific products (both water SR_2_WAT and land SR_2_LAN) are available to users.

NOTE: The Level-0 scientific products (SR_0_SRA), the SRAL calibration products (SR_0_CAL and SR_1_CAL) and the MWR products (MW_0_MWR, MW_1_MWR and MW_1_CAL), are not available to users and are considered only as an input to processing chains.

SRAL/MWR product tree

In the Level-1 processing chain, there are 3 main processing chains:

  1. Low Rate Mode (LRM) chain,
  2. SAR-Ku Band chain


  1. Pseudo-Low Rate Mode (PLRM) chain.

In the Level-2 processing chain, there are three main processing steps :

  1. Compute time-derived geophysical/environmental parameters,
  2. Perform re-tracking and compute physical parameters,
  3. Compute Level-2 altimeter/radiometer geophysical processing.

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