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Sentinel-1 Data Products

Sentinel data products are made available systematically and free of charge to all data users including the general public, scientific and commercial users. The data will be delivered within an hour of reception for Near Real-Time (NRT) emergency response, within three hours for NRT priority areas and within 24 hours for systematically archived data.

All data products are distributed in the Sentinel Standard Archive Format for Europe (SAFE) format.

Each mode can potentially produce products at SAR Level-0, Level-1 SLC, Level-1 GRD, and Level-2 OCN.

Data products are available in single polarisation (VV or HH) for Wave mode and dual polarisation (VV+VH or HH+HV) or single polarisation (HH or VV) for SM, IW and EW modes.

sentinel-1 data products

Figure 1: Graphical Representation of Sentinel-1 Core Products.


The SAR Level-0 products consist of the sequence of Flexible Dynamic Block Adaptive Quantization (FDBAQ) compressed unfocused SAR raw data. For the data to be usable, it will need to be decompressed and processed using a SAR processor.


Level-1 data are the generally available products intended for most data users. Level-1 products are produced as Single Look Complex (SLC) and Ground Range Detected (GRD).

Level-1 Single Look Complex (SLC) products consist of focused SAR data geo-referenced using orbit and attitude data from the satellite and provided in zero-Doppler slant-range geometry. The products include a single look in each dimension using the full transmit signal bandwidth and consist of complex samples preserving the phase information.

Level-1 Ground Range Detected (GRD) products consist of focused SAR data that has been detected, multi-looked and projected to ground range using an Earth ellipsoid model. Phase information is lost. The resulting product has approximately square spatial resolution pixels and square pixel spacing with reduced speckle at the cost of worse spatial resolution.

GRD products can be in one of three resolutions:

  • Full Resolution (FR)
  • High Resolution (HR)
  • Medium Resolution (MR).

The resolution is dependent upon the amount of multi-looking performed. Level-1 GRD products are available in MR and HR for IW and EW modes, MR for WV mode and MR, HR and FR for SM mode.


Level-2 OCN products include components for Ocean Swell spectra (OSW) providing continuity with ERS and ASAR WV and two new components: Ocean Wind Fields (OWI) and Surface Radial Velocities (RVL).

The OSW is a two-dimensional ocean surface swell spectrum and includes an estimate of the wind speed and direction per swell spectrum. The OSW is generated from Stripmap and Wave modes only. For Stripmap mode, there are multiple spectra derived from internally generated Level-1 SLC images. For Wave mode, there is one spectrum per vignette.

The OWI is a ground range gridded estimate of the surface wind speed and direction at 10 m above the surface derived from internally generated Level-1 GRD images of SM, IW or EW modes.

The RVL is a ground range gridded difference between the measured Level-2 Doppler grid and the Level-1 calculated geometrical Doppler.

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